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cine prime lenses (anamorphic)

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lens name focal length aperture squeeze close focus close focus image circle length weight front diameter lens mount
Apollo Anamorphic 40 mm T2.1 2x 15" 39 cm 33 mm 115 mm 1550 g 104 mm PL
Apollo Anamorphic 50 mm T1.7 2x 16" 41 cm 40 mm 134 mm 1600 g 104 mm PL
Apollo Anamorphic 60 mm T1.7 2x 16" 40 cm 42 mm 134 mm 1790 g 104 mm PL
Apollo Anamorphic 75 mm T2.0 2x 16" 40 cm 50 mm 152 mm 1850 g 104 mm PL
Apollo Anamorphic 100 mm T2.5 2x 18" 45 cm 60 mm 163 mm 1770 g 104 mm PL
Apollo Anamorphic 135 mm T2.8 2x 20" 50 cm 65 mm 170 mm 1950 g 104 mm PL

PL = Positive Lock lens mount
PV = Panavision lens mount
LPL = Large Positive Lock lens mount
EF = Canon Electro Focus lens mount
E = Sony E lens mount
MFT = Micro Four Thirds lens mount
LDS = Lens Data System
/i = Cooke Intelligent Technology for recording key lens and camera data

all of the data above was collected from either Richard Bradbury's Motion Picture Lens Database, directly from the manufacturers or other industry professionals.

if you notice any irregularities please write me a short email with the correct data | CORRECT MY DATA