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Ever wondered if your camera can record 4K in 4:2:2 10bit so you can use it for a project with minimum camera requirements dictated by a broadcaster? Or whether a certain lens covers the sensor of your camera? Do you know what size front diameter an LDS Ultra Prime has (is it different from regular Ultra Primes?) so you can make sure you packed the correct clamp adapter for you clamp-on mattebox? I collected all of this data and bundled all of the information into databases and tools which you can use in this knowledge base.

The ultimate camera database (ucdb) offers a great place to look up camera details like sensor size, lens mount, the sensor's base sensitivity, weight and dimensions as well as every possible recording resolution with available frame rates, codecs, sampling, aspect ratios, data rate, bit depth, file format, recording media and recording time onto the corresponding memory type for the most widely-used digital cameras in professional and semi-professional use.

With the help of the lens coverage tool you can find out if the lens you thought would be perfect for your next project actually covers the sensor of your desired camera. Get information on the sensor size and required image circle of your camera sensor and compare it with the image circle of your chosen lens and see if the lens perfectly covers the sensor or if you might see vignetting.

Looking for data on modern and vintage cine lenses? You can look up a very wide variety of anamorphic and spherical cine zoom and prime lenses and see the respective data for focal range, maximum aperture, close focus, image circle, length, weight, front diameter and lens mount.


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